Slamseys Art Has Launched!

My new venture ‘Slamseys Art’ officially opened at the end of May.  We’d already run a couple of creative craft workshops, including a Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement class and a couple of printing sessions, but May was the official Grand Opening.  I’d decided to take part in the Essex Summer of Art and the farm was already hosting Open Farm Sunday, so with the barn and the yard spruced up, it seemed like the ideal time to welcome back all the people who had worked on the renovation of the barn over the past year and a half.



My sister Beth, who is the solo effort behind Slamseys Drinks, provided delicious fruit gin cocktails, while local artists Janet French and Edward Norman delivered the artwork which adorned the walls of the barn.  We were also lucky enough to have a fantastic array of artistic interpretations of Essex, nature and farming from our local primary school.  Many classes from Whitecourt ran an art competition and the school council selected the winning submissions.  On the launch night, it was a unanimous decision to award Rosie Boden first prize for her ‘Felted Sheep’. Well done Rosie!






2014-05-28 11.41.17






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