The Slamseys and Great Notley Art Trail

The weekend after our launch was the opening of the Slamseys and Great Notley Art Trail, which included the ‘Leave Me in Nature’ exhibition in the barn, with artworks from Janet French and Edward Norman, as well as a children’s art trail along the farm’s footpaths into the Great Notley Country Park.  Visitors could loop round through Great Notley Village to take in all of the public art and stop in at the Wooden Spoon café for refreshments.

A lot of the art was really simple – we encouraged children to pick up stones and move them around the trail and add their own leaves to a stick.  The idea was to make the art accessible to everyone and show that creating art can be easy.  Art can be found in nature if you just look for it, and I hope that lots of children went away and created their own artworks in their back gardens.







Public Art in Great Notley

Mrs Hedges & Morris




Some of the artworks would have blown away after only a few people had seen them, like this ‘S’.  I’ve actually been making lots of S shapes around the farm and Great Notley over the past few months and I like the idea of someone stumbling across it and wondering how it got there.






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