Chocolate Truffles

Last week Hilary from Choctails shared the delights of making chocolate truffles with the latest group taking part in a Chocolate Making Workshop in The Barley Barn at Slamseys. The morning started with a brief history of chocolate that included a sample of an Aztec style chocolate drink and was followed by a chocolate tasting session, which was a little like wine tasting but without the spittoon. Then it was time to don aprons as the group learnt how to temper chocolate using the seeding method, which involved a good deal of energetic stirring.

making chocolate truffles

Once the chocolate was tempered, the fun started – truffles were hand rolled, dipped in the chocolate and decorated as everyone produced their own range of chocolates to take home.

Hilary finished the session with a brief talk about the development of her business and the group tried some Choctails chocolates, which were appreciated not only for their taste but also for the skill involved in making them look so beautiful.


The dates of forthcoming Chocolate Making Workshops are on the Slamseys Art website.

Choctails website [read more]


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