Jelly Printing from the Edible Hedge

edible hedge


There’s a hedge that runs from just behind the farmyard, alongside the bridleway down to The Ley, which we call our Edible Hedge. Every year the hedge fills with blossom as the white blackthorn flowers are followed by pink tinged hawthorn, large heads of elder flowers and then delicate wild roses and bramble flowers. Now in September, the hedge is filled with colour once again as the brilliant reds and oranges of hips and haws contrast with the shiny deep purples and blue blacks on blackberries and sloes.


blackberry jelly


Not only does the hedge provide us with flowers and berries to make cordials, jams, puddings and of course the famous Slamseys Fruit Gin, but it also has a wealth of foliage for Jelly Printing. Jelly printing is a low tech, simple way to print without using a press or any other complicated equipment. Using a simple printing plate made from gelatine and water, we can make detailed prints of the leaves, flowers and other objects, such as feathers, found by the hedge. We like to use jelly printing for making decorative labels for our jam jars, decorate gift tags and wrapping paper, make tiny keepsake books or just put them in a frame.


feather print


If you’d like to learn how to make Jelly Prints, sign up to one of the workshops at Slamseys Art.


lady's bedstraw


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