Mangle Printing

My Granny is a very resourceful and creative person and doesn’t like things to go to waste and so during one of my ramblings about printing and how I simply couldn’t get on without a press of my own, she told me that hidden away in a shed at her old house was the mangle she used to use as a young girl. I have seen a couple of mangle conversions and the wonderful prints it can produce, and so over the summer I sent my Collections Man (my Dad with his trailer) to go and collect the old mangle and bring it home.

Mangle Printing at Slamseys Art

Since the summer when the mangle arrived at Slamseys, I have been lucky enough to have a retired printer have a look at it (another friend of Granny’s) and with a lot of help here and there, lots of WD40, dismantling, reassembling and screw tightening – I now have a fantastic printing press!

After a bit of experimentation, we have got enough pressure to be able to make intaglio drypoint prints – which is one of my favourite ways to print. By using a clear plate, it is really easy to trace and scratch your designs into the plate, and once the plate has been inked it’s ready to go through the mangle.

Drypoint Printing at Slamseys Art, Bird

It’s a bit of a workout to move the rolls, but the finished prints are definitely worth it – wonderfully simple, but very effective. In the New Year, once I’ve had time to do a little more fine tuning I’ll be running Drypoint Mangle Printing workshops at Slamseys Art – but until then I’ll have lots of time to keep playing with my new favourite toy!

Mangle Drypoint Printing at Slamseys Art


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