Printing at Gainsborough’s House

For the last few weeks I’ve been going to the print workshop at Gainsborough’s House in Sudbury – it’s amazing!  I love using the professional presses and the smell of the inks.  It’s been a great opportunity to have another go at some printing techniques I haven’t tried for a while and chat to other people who share my love of printmaking.

Wise Owl Drypoint Print
Wise Owl
Drypoint Print

We began with intaglio printmaking – drypoint (which is my favourite), and etching.  Operating the smooth presses in the workshop do make a nice change from my mangle, although definitely doesn’t offer you the same workout!

Three Little Fishes, Etching, Ruth Wheaton, Slamseys
Three Little Fishes Etching

Next up we moved onto relief printing – linocuts, another of my favourites!  I got so carried away with my first lino that I managed to stab myself with the cutting tool, which was less than ideal.

Bernard the Bird Lino print
Bernard the Bird
Lino print

The workshops are now on a break for half-term but I’m anxious to get back printing.  I’m hoping that some of the prints I make there will feature in Slamseys Art’s exhibition in June.


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