Barn Theatre

We’ve almost been open for a whole year now at Slamseys Art although I can’t believe how quickly that’s gone!  I’m getting organised for this year’s Art Trail, planning exhibitions and workshops and supporting a few charity events here and there, like our Doodle Day earlier in the month.  But I’m still always on the look out for new ideas and events to take place in the barn…

One of my latest ideas is to use the barn as a blank space for theatre.  Theatrical groups, stand-up comedians, sketch show troupes, dancers and performers can take our beautiful barn, with its glorious original beams, and mould it into whatever they can imagine for their show!  I can just see it now – maybe a stage in the middle with the audience seated either side of them.  I think there are some really interesting opportunities for people to be creative with the space.

Slamseys Barley Barn, Essex

Some of the other ideas we’ve had are to do cinema screenings of classic films with a pop-up G&T bar – Slamseys Gin, obviously! And what else – photoshoots and filming. So many ideas!

Everyone who comes into the barn has their own ideas with what they would do with it and many find it a really inspiring space, so who knows what we’ll be doing this time next year and what our plans will be for the year after that.  It’s times like this that I sometimes wish I could look into the future to see what ends up happening, but then I suppose the fun of it is the journey – I can’t wait!

Slamseys Barley Barn, Essex


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