My Weekend in Pictures

The Spring programme at Slamseys Art began in earnest last weekend and so I had a busy week making sure everything was neat and tidy (wiping Nelson’s puppy footprints off the glass doors and picking up all his scattered toys from his play room the barn).

The first class was a Bob Ross painting workshop with Caroline Stevens, who travels around Essex teaching the ‘wet on wet’ technique for oil painting.  She was joined by ten budding painters who created a beautiful mountain sunset scene.

The mountain scene is starting to take shape
Caroline with the finished painting

Caroline will be teaching the next class at Slamseys in May.

As the painters were cleaning their brushes, our novice taxidermists arrived.  Our taxidermy classes with the glamorous Elle Kaye bring people in from far and wide – Saturday’s class had a couple all the way from Staffordshire for a birthday surprise.

Rat taxidermy workshop at Slamseys, Essex
The rat ready to be preserved

This time the students had a choice of either mice or rats and they spent the next few hours learning the basic skills of taxidermy, including skinning, preserving, creating the body form and mounting.

There was a choice of mice and rats
There was a choice of mice and rats

Of course it is essential to break for tea and cake when concentrating this hard, and so the students were treated to homemade shortbread and raspberry loaf cake – delicious!

Homemade refreshments at Slamseys, Braintree, Essex

It was a long day but with the sunshine out it really felt like Spring and I can’t wait for the next few workshops that we have lined up!

Chocolate Truffles for Mother’s Day 14 March

Butterfly Preservation 28 March


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