My Weekend in Pictures

Snapshots of last weekend …

It started with a fun Introduction to Drypoint workshop in the barn with a couple of enthusiastic printmakers.  Drypoint printing is an intaglio process, similar to etching, and is a fantastic way to make quick prints.  We use our renovated mangle in place of an etching press – it’s a little hard going, but the prints always come out brilliantly.

Drypoint Stag, Ruth Wheaton, Slamseys Art, Essex
Stag, Drypoint Mangle Print
Drypoint Scissors,, Slamseys Art, Essex
Scissors, Drypoint Mangle Print
Drypoint printing, slamseys, Braintree, essex, March
Mangle Press

After lunch there was just time for a coffee and chat with Lisa Temple-Cox and David Watkins from ENAS who are exploring creative connections in Essex.

Photo credit, Lisa Temple-Cox
Photo Credit Lisa Temple-Fox

On Sunday I packed my scruffiest clothes and headed into London for the Holi Festival, which involves bursts of colour being flung around in complete abandon and basically covering e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in paint – excellent fun!

Holli, March
That’s me in the middle getting paint emptied on my head!

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