A Spring Walk

It’s a wonderful time to wander along the public footpaths in this glorious spring weather with blossom in the hedges and wildflowers in the verges. Let’s take a walk together.

From the Great Notley village centre, walk along Cuckoo Way, cross the by-pass using the Pegasus crossing at Cuckoo Way and follow the path into the Country Park, keeping the lakes on your right. When the path divides, take the left hand fork and keep walking with the fields on your left and the lake on your right.

Great Notley Country Park

Halfway along the second lake, near the dog poo bin, turn left through the gap in the hedge and into open fields.

Bridleway in The Ley

You are now on the public bridleway in the field called The Ley, which this year is cropped with wheat that will be harvested in the summer.

The Track

Continue along the path, with the hedge on your left and when you reach the electricity poles at the end of the path, take the left hand track.

Number 2

As you walk along this track you may spot a willow circle hidden in the pollarded willow tree and a tiny front door in a tree trunk known as No 2, The Track.

Keep on the track as it crosses diagonally right into the next field. In spring time, from early March, the banks of the ditch on your left are filled with primroses, paigles and violets.


Follow the track as it turns right by the set of gates and keep going to the end of the field and into the next one.

chelmsford city racecourse

Keep on the grassy track as it turns left and passes behind the pair of cottages to emerge on Blackley Lane with the Chelmsford City Racecourse straight ahead.

Blackley Lane

Turn left along Blackley Lane, where the steep banks are filled with cowslips in the spring, under the bridge and on to London Road. Cross the London Road carefully, turn left and walk along the pavement past Dagnets Lane and Notley Green roundabout. Stay on the pavement until you’ve passed the mini-roundabout and then cross to enter Great Notley Approach and follow the footway back to the village centre.

This walk is about 2 ½ miles and will take about an hour to complete. Remember to wear sensible shoes as the paths are not paved and can get muddy. This walk is not suitable for pushchairs.

This first appeared as A Spring Walk around Slamseys Farm in The Great Notley Times.


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