ART MONTH at Slamseys

Whoops – it’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog post as we’ve been so busy at Slamseys between taxidermy workshops and hosting an 80th birthday party for my granny.

Now that the marquee has been taken down and the chairs and tables have been collected, I can get back to focusing on our Art Month as it opens to the public in exactly one month – yikes!

Slamseys Art Month, Essex, June 2015

The sculptures are being created, the photographs being framed and the barn is being tidied and dusted and spruced up for the big occasion.  It’s doubly exciting because the whole of the Essex Summer of Art is being launched from our barn at the beginning of June, including a talk from ENAS artist David Trenow.

As part of our Art Month we will also be running our workshops, including a brand new photography workshop, aimed at encouraging budding photographers to move away from the automatic settings on their cameras.  Gillian Allard who is leading the workshop, is also one of our exhibiting artists.

Slamseys Art Month, June, Essex

All of our workshops reflect our theme of ‘The Natural World’, exploring the beautiful countrysides and landscapes around us.   I can’t wait for it all to kick off!

Find out more on our Facebook page.


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