Slamseys Sketchbook Challenge Summer 2015

slamseys sketchbook challenge

Welcome to the Slamseys Sketchbook Challenge for Summer 2015.

Over the summer, things really quieten down in the Barley Barn at Slamseys. The tractors are busy carting the harvest from fields to farmyard, but the yoga classes have taken a break for summer and we are only running one or two workshops in July and August as everyone seems to have gone on their holidays. I’ve decided to use the time to enrol myself on a summer art camp – however, technically I have already been on my actual summer holiday, visiting a friend in Canada, so will have to make do with a holiday at home.

This reminds me a lot of the summer that my family ‘went around the world’ – we cooked recipes from different countries, learnt a little of several languages, and at night boarded an aeroplane which flew up the stairs to bed. When we woke up we were ‘in a different country’ and the whole charade started over again. We did this for a whole summer, without leaving home and although I used this as an example of how hard done by I was as a child because we never got to go abroad over the summer due to harvest, actually (and don’t tell my mother) it was fun and has given me a good idea for this summer…

The Slamseys Sketchbook Challenge is open to everyone who wants to be creative this August and perhaps needs a little motivation to pick up a pencil or some prompts and inspiration to develop their creative talents. Think of it as enrolling yourself on an art holiday – from the comfort of your own home.

So here are some ideas for week one…

Let’s start sketching

There are lots of different ways to start sketching. My Great Aunt Victoria (who was a brilliant character and fond of the phrase ‘Wizard!’ when she was really excited) always told me that to get better at drawing you just have to do it every day. Drawing and sketching is also very therapeutic and is considered a key ‘mindfulness’ activity. I think that setting some time aside and drawing something each day, however details or simple is a really good habit to get into. You can find inspiration anywhere, but here are some ideas.

Some ideas

Doodle once a day for a whole week
Draw something from your kitchen
Now draw it again with your eyes closed
Make a sketch from a photograph
Create a new character for a story book

What other suggestions do people have? Share photos of your sketchbook and projects using #SlamseysSketchbookChallenge or if you’re posting them to your own blog, leave a link in the comments section below.

Start Sketching!
Happy Sketching!

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